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High-voltage switchgear is mainly used for power distribution, power compensation, etc., as well as power (machine) drive control, protection, detection, etc., the working voltage range of 3.0kV to 35kV. The application of such products is very rich in scenarios, mainly include: power plant voltage boosting; electric system grid construction; industrial and mining enterprises power conversion and receiving power; metallurgy, coal, petrochemical and other industrial high-voltage motor start; large commercial facilities, electric power drive, etc. Drive and so on.


Research and Development of High Voltage Grounding Switch for Narrow Cabinet Type 550

I. Market background of product development:

High-voltage switchgear is mainly used for power distribution, power compensation, etc., as well as power (machine) drive control, protection, detection, etc., with an operating voltage range of 3.0 kV to 35 kV. The application scenarios of this type of products are very rich, mainly including: power plant voltage boosting; grid construction of the electric industry system; power substation of industrial and mining enterprises to receive power; high-voltage motor startup of metallurgy, coal, petrochemicals, and other industrial fields; large-scale commercial facilities power Drive and so on.

With the gradual implementation of national energy conservation and emission reduction, carbon reduction policy, the construction of new energy power plants, power equipment expansion and upgrading needs, high-voltage switchgear miniaturization of the market potential is getting bigger and bigger, and its key safety components "narrow cabinet high-voltage grounding switches," the level of technology and manufacturing level will have a serious impact on high-voltage switchgear miniaturization of the process and development.


Second, the role of research and development of new products:

Narrow-cabinet high-voltage grounding switch is the core safety structural product of high-voltage switchgear.

It is in the working state, to ensure that the load may produce the residual electrical energy to personal injury;

It has to withstand the influence of electrical and thermal stresses of the main circuit when it is not in working condition, as well as to ensure that the equipment and loads are not subjected to secondary damage when it is in fault condition.

It should ensure accurate positioning and smooth operation of the mechanical mechanism during operation; it should be able to safely withstand the impact of the electrical energy that may be generated at the load side, and also ensure the safe isolation of the main circuit electrical energy from the load circuit. Finally, in the manual operation state, it should be light and labor-saving.


Third, the process and results of research and development:

April 2019 research to establish technical solutions and technical routes, targeted research on the technical needs of solid cabinets and SF6 gas-insulated cabinets, market demand.June 2019 ~ September 2019, summarize the research situation, compare the domestic and foreign related information, study the core points of the technical attack and technical difficulties, and prepare the technical research and development plan.October 2019 ~ February 2020, to carry out the first-generation From October 2019 to February 2020, we will carry out the design and prototype trial production of insulation, conductor connection and mechanical force transmission of the key parts of the "narrow cabinet high-voltage ground switch" for 550mm small cabinets, and plan to complete the type test report of Xigaoqiao Academy by the end of 2020.From March 2020 to June 2021, we will optimize and improve the first generation of 550 small cabinets with narrow cabinet high-voltage ground switches, and look for loopholes in the safety and reliability of products to make up for the shortcomings. Completion of the preparation and improvement of the pilot mass production process.

The technological breakthroughs of the narrow-cabinet high-voltage ground switch lie in: 1. Series reduction of cabinet width dimensions: its series dimensions include 550mm, 500mm, 450mm, 400mm, 375mm; 2. Busbar connection system associated with the narrow-cabinet high-voltage ground switch; 3. Quality improvement of solid insulation and process molding; 4. Modularization and standardization of the design, to ensure the stability of the quality; 5. Safe operation and reliability of mechanical mechanisms, etc.

From April 2019 to August 2023 to the third-party authority - Xi'an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute test report. The whole series of narrow cabinet high-voltage grounding switch research and development lasted 52 months, from scratch, from drawings to objects, from trial production to mass production; Sheng Zhongyi Electric Power Science and Technology Co. "Advantages of the traditional" 28 cabinets "large volume can not adapt to the urbanization of the power distribution system into a possible, and sublimation to the limit of 500mm cabinet width is a breakthrough in the ABB's UNIGEAR-ZS1 (500mm) air-insulated alternating current metal-enclosed switchgear technology barriers.

In addition to the phase spacing problem, the narrow cabinet high-voltage grounding switch needs to solve the technical key issues are:

1. with the supporting five-proof interlocking device; 2. internal connection bus system in the circuit breaker part of the right into the left out of the copper bar connection; 3. integrated whole contact box structure, the connection copper bar using epoxy resin as a whole package casting and air insulation to form a composite insulation; 4. grounding switch is in the main circuit bus connection using insulating cover in the combination of silicone sheaths to form a multi-insulation structure; -- Reasonable cable lap position, the cable lap position, the cable lap position, the cable lap position, the cable lap position, the cable lap position and the air insulated AC metal-enclosed switch.

--Reasonable cable lap position to facilitate on-site construction;

Realize and KYN28A-12 series wide cabinet cabinet type of parallel cabinet; --Current transformer and contactor; --Current transformer and contactor; --Current transformer and contactor.

--Current transformer and contact box adopt one-piece structure to reduce the connection copper row and connection point;

--Compact structure maximizes internal space to reduce the probability of discharge.

This project from the establishment of the project, technology development history, the main innovation points of technology technology application scope and solve the main problems to the practice of technology application, etc., scientific and complete completion of the technology in the product innovation process, in the design program, prototype production, type test, engineering verification, etc., indicating that the new technology and new products